We are so happy that you have decided to learn more about yoga.  To ease your mind, below we have listed some frequently asked questions and answers.  Please read through them and if you have a question that we have not covered please call or email us your questions.


What is yoga?
The word yoga means union. In yoga we do not simply do exercises or poses, we connect our mind, body and breath with each pose. It is a mindful practice of positioning the body and training the mind to focus. It is a life long process of self discovery and acceptance.


What type of yoga do you teach?
We teach Hatha yoga. We combine aspects of many types of yoga into our practice. We take into consideration the different levels and needs of our students and create classes designed to meet those needs, as best we can. We intend to help each student gain strength, flexibility, balance,, and peace in mind, body, and spirit.


What other types of yoga are there?
There are several types of yoga, Bikram, Hot yoga, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Kundalini yoga, Iyengar yoga, and others.


What makes Twisted Root Yoga Studio different?
Twisted Root Yoga Studio is not a gym or a spa. Here we take the mission of Twisted Root seriously, which is, to have an open mind and heart, to be accepting of ones self and others. The goal is to create peace in the universe one person at a time. Twisted Root Yoga Studios is a beautiful space with incredible positive energy. It is a studio that is small enough so that we can get to know you and meet your individual needs and large in the mind body union.


Where do I go?
The address is 331 Bluff Street, in the Cable Car Square.


What do I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move freely. There are some times when you will be in interesting positions so make sure that your shirt can be tucked in or is tight enough not to slip down. If you wear shorts be aware that you will be sitting in many positions so you do not want them to be too loose fitting in the legs. Although you may wear socks to the studio you must take them off to practice yoga. Please remove your shoes upon entering the studio. There is a shoe rack available. The area past the rug is a shoeless area.


What do I bring?
If you have your own yoga mat please bring it. If you do not, we have plenty of them. If you have your own eye pillow, bring that with you. If not, yes we have extras of those too. If you sweat a lot then please bring a towel. You may consider bringing a water bottle also. The room is kept around 75-80 degrees. We have all other materials needed.


What time should I get there?
You should try to get to class about 5-10 minutes before class starts, if possible.


What do I do when I get there?
The first thing you do is take off your shoes. Secondly, you sign in on the sign in sheet on the small table in the front of the room. The third thing is to pay for the classes. Also before class starts is a good time to alert the teachers as to any injuries or medical issues that we need to be aware of as we teach you yoga. Then you will be directed to the location of the yoga mats so you can roll out your mat on the floor. You are encouraged to greet other students and introduce yourself or ask the teachers any questions you may have. If you are rather shy, or had a rough day, then simply listen to the music and sit or lay down comfortably on the mat.


What do I do if I am running late?
If you are running late then we ask that you come into the studio as quietly as possible and get a mat and join the class. Please try to minimize distractions. Take your time walking to the back of the room and setting up. After the class is over you can take care of signing in and paying. We want to have as little disruption to the yoga class as possible. If you know you are going to be late call ahead so we can have a mat ready for you so you can slip into class and get to a mat quickly.

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